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Welcome — playko studios

Get ready for the new­est ac­tion filled ad­di­tion to the Con­struct Ar­cade fam­ily by playko stu­di­os!

Experience the thrill of downhill skiing while getting fit!

Ski Fit 365 takes WebXR in a nev­er be­fore seen dir­ec­tion!

The de­velopers at playko stu­di­os have worked hard on their first pub­lic WebXR title and we are honored to host it on Con­struct Ar­cade!

Led by Yin-Chi­en Yeap (also known as yinch), playko fo­cuses on cre­at­ing solu­tions in everything VR and their latest cre­ation demon­strates what WebXR can of­fer to ath­letes in a fresh and in­tu­it­ive way. (You just might need a big­ger sock for this one, though!)

Be warned though, this ex­per­i­ence is not for VR users eas­ily ef­fected by mo­tion sick­ness. It can be in­tense on some play­ers and if you are prone to get­ting mo­tion sick, you should be care­ful while play­ing Ski Fit 365.

Ski Fit 365 is a down­hill ski­ing game, where you travel down the ski slopes at high speeds. Your goal is to stay in the slope, ski down the hill and be the best on the glob­al lead­er­boards. After pick­ing your ski­ing gear and cus­tom­iz­ing your avatar, you get to the slope and can start ski­ing im­me­di­ately. Use your left con­trol­ler as a leg track­er by in­sert­ing it in­to a long ski sock or a foot­ball sock and by do­ing this, you can con­trol the move­ments in an in­tu­it­ive man­ner by rolling your knees.

Playko has de­signed Ski Fit 365 with pro­fes­sion­al ski­ers to de­liv­er an im­mers­ive on­line ski­ing ex­per­i­ence. Here is a testi­mo­ni­al by the pro­fes­sion­al ski ath­lete Jack Gower after play­ing Ski Fit 365:

If you do not own a long sock, don’t worry! You can still play the game by hold­ing the con­trol­lers in your hands. (We do re­com­mend the leg track­ing meth­od for bet­ter im­mer­sion though)

Today’s re­lease is a pre­view ver­sion of the game and playko stu­di­os has a very ex­cit­ing roadmap for the game, so make sure to join our dis­cord and give feed­back on the game! (Link be­low)

Talk to us!

Make sure to join our Dis­cord serv­er and keep in touch with us!

Thanks for read­ing and have fun ski­ing up (or down) the lead­er­boards!

Best Re­gards


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